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Kensington is committed to you the mortgage professional. We are a Broker friendly lender. All mortgages in the Kensington Realfund Portfolio have been sourced by Licenced British Columbia Brokers. Our managers are experienced underwriters. We deal directly with you the Broker. The Manager/Underwriter approves your file and delivers the commitment directly to you. This ensures a quick turn around and nothing is lost in translation. At Kensington the management is “hands on”.

Call to discuss your deal and we can give you an estimate of costs terms rates etc.

We are Vancouver Island lending specialists focusing on the Mid-Island area.

We are an equity based lender. We have a proven track record to our Brokers. We stay on top of your deal until it is funded.

We close on our commitments.

Call Stuart or Margaret today.

"l would like to tell you what a sincere, and profitable pleasure it has been, to deal with you and your company.

Since 2002, when l first invested in KENSINGTON REAL FUND, l have consistently had returns of 9% plus.

lt is very reassuring, especially in these uncertain times, that l can count on a strong performance from this investment l have made with you."

- Franklin Haylock,