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Kensington is an alternative to investing in capital markets. For over 20 years Kensington has demonstrated excellent historical returns without the volatility of traditional securities.


There are no fees involved in becoming a member of Kensington. The management fee is fixed and transparent, and all the income earned by the fund is distributed to the investor at the end of the month that it is earned.
Your investment is RRSP and RIF eligible allowing member build wealth in tax sheltered vehicle.

Your investment is RRSP and RIF eligible allowing member build wealth in tax sheltered vehicle.


Your investment in Kensington is secured by Canadian real property. Kensington mortgages are only extended to a maximum of 75% of the certified appraisal value of the property. The collection risk is diversified over the entire mortgage portfolio.


For members looking to generate income, Kensington will distribute the income earned by the fund at the end of each month. Kensington can electronically transfer the income into your bank account.


For members looking to grow their savings, Kensington has a dividend reinvestment plan. At the end of each month the dividends earned are reinvested to allow the member to take advantage of the power of compound interest.

Professional Management

The key to investing in mortgages is to deal with an experienced licensed broker. The managing director at Kensington has over 35 years of lending experience. Kensington is customer focused and holds itself to a high ethical standard.

"Kensington RealFund Corp. has proven to be a welcome and reliable addition to our retirement portfolio. We have participated in the program since 2004 and have found Stuart Gautier's quiet professionalism, willingness to oblige and lack of pretense a refreshing change from the impersonal, corporate attitudes within today's investment companies. The related reward for risk has been very favourable."

- M.& D. Gray,